Yum Yums.

Garlic festival


imageI can’t find a website for these guys but they were so packed!! the gentleman at the stall was really helpful and explained how to eat wildflower pollen,which I was really interested in trying because I’ve never heard of eating flower pollen before I tasted it there and it was tasty so now I will be eating this with yogurt,cereal etc.He also said it helps with controlling your allergies!

imageApple Ridge Farm- Roasted Garlic Mustard which I love mustard highly recommend checking them out also try the mayo based mustard.http://www.appleridge.net/

imageKnob View Farms -Garlic Sea Salt, very good quality and had a nice range of options.http://kvfarm.com/slideshow/garlic-sea-salts-slideshow

imageKitchen Chemistry-Don’t remember the name of this cupcake it was really good though and had bacon on top of it!.

imageAwesome Specialty- I got Creamy Garlicky Soup,Chili -mild, Split Pea Soup,Which is my personal fave so I hope I love their version!http://www.awesomespecialty.com/

Enjoy the pictures!! I really wanted to get a little of everything but I would have been broke!I like garlic but I loved the array of options at this festival make sure to check it out next year! it was packed on it’s second day so you know you’ll like it great for the whole family to.

SAM_1560 SAM_1561 SAM_1562

This cool lake had turtles I didn’t get to see any though…..SAM_1563 SAM_1564 SAM_1565 SAM_1566 SAM_1567

Lots of venders I read that only 33 venders were participating but once you’re in that place it was actually alot!.SAM_1568

SAM_1569 SAM_1570 SAM_1571 SAM_1572

We Love!! our mustard we got the roasted garlic mustard it is quite strong flavor but it’s not the garlic part it is the mustard part. And the quality is very superb, highly recommend!!!


We decided to eat here and I have to say we should have had the beef the pulled chicken wasn’t to good just being honest.SAM_1575 SAM_1578


It was a $12 admission fee,which I had no ideal but the scenic route and the great weather was worth it,Also it took place in Shawnee Mountain resort but I actually never heard of this place my boyfriend however said he might have been there when he was younger.We also got a great tree stamp!!!SAM_1581 SAM_1583The top cupcake was my choice and it was soooo good!


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