Yum Yums.

First Keurig!☕🍵


So we got this beauty from Kmart which happened to be closing so we saw a bunch of these there I am guessing because they’re white but anywho we as them for for $99 so we were like why not?. I did look it up on the web first so we overall saved $35dollars which wasn’t so bad to me I been wanting one for the last year and half so I had to get one maybe even longer!.


The instructions are super simple nothing to really do but soak the filter thing.


I will say however it does make quite a bit of noise, but the sound is only temporary and the service of the machine is quick.



It also came with an awesome assorted sampler box which help me find the perfect drink….. Chai latte so obsessed I already got a box that I went through!



Even with the keurig I still don’t like coffee I did get some fun iced tea k cups. And also a helpful too Shop around for k cups because you can get them cheaper at various places I like big lots I get the brand I like and flavor and the price is good. I also use it to fill up my cup of soups which was super easy! So enjoy your day and let me know what you like to drink. I’m a tea and hot cocoa person personally🌞 .


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