Yum Yums.

Our First Omaha steak experience.

So I decided to add the itemized list first and give my impression of each item that we have tried so far. How we found Omaha Steaks was through conversations over the years and advertisements.We ended up doing a family pack for 59.99 that was called the “Happy Family” it came with the exact items that will be listed below.

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imageThe meatballs were very moist and quite tasty my only complaint if I had one is that it did taste a little similar to the hamburgers ,but truly very well done and easy to cook and seasoned good.(these were cooked in the oven ,they retained its shape and juicy texture)


The hamburgers were really good I highly recommend broiling them if you do not have a grill I did pan fry but I ended up after the fact preferring and enjoying the broiled version.As far as the fries were concerned I felt they were salty and limp I also placed them in the oven because I rarely fry any of our meals,so those were a blah on my food meter .Also Omaha provides directions as well as cooking times for different preferences.(pictured is the broiled version)

imageAs for the rest we just had the last cut of meat last week and it was the chicken fried steaks .My opinion is that while it was breaded very nicely and had a great presentation I felt that the breading was not cohesive enough to the meat and fell apart very easily and there for made a  messy time ,now as far as the meat was concerned the best very well seasoned and tasty flat out . The top sirloin steaks were very intimidating I don’t cook steak often and I don’t think I seasoned it well or cooked it well but if I had to pick a way to cook this cut I would say broil or grill it still came out tender so it was easy to cut and eat.As far as the jumbo hotdog’s go it was good in flavor but quite large I wasn’t expecting that size of a hotdog in the order like you look at the info but when you get them in person they are huge! but I will say you can taste the quality in them and think it was a great item.Now for the Polynesian Pork Chops those were up in the air as far as taste was concerned ,I felt they tasted really savory and sweet but my boyfriend felt they were a tad bit to flavorful and very sweet to his liking so it will be an experience that you will have to figure out for yourself alone because these left us inconclusive ,but I will say they were easy to cut and cooked very quickly everything did in fact and I felt like we got the money’s worth out of this purchase let me know you decide to try Omaha Steaks out for yourselves. Currently groupon has a deal that i believe was this exact deal so I’ll link it below for you.Take care




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